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What To Wear To A Baby Shower? – Incredibly Helpful Ideas

what to wear to a baby shower - incredibly helpful ideas

What to wear to a baby shower? Baby shower, the most awaited and beautiful event of any woman’s life. It is a very first step when a mother-to-be feels her baby and comes to knows about the gender of her baby. It is a time when everyone wishes her good luck and give her their blessings.

If the day is so special then the outfit must also be outstanding. And if you are going to celebrate your baby shower and looking for new and unique ideas, then smile please! because you are at a very right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss what can you wear on your baby shower. So if you are interested to know the amazing ideas for a dress to wear as a mother, father or guest on the baby shower then read the article till the end.

What To Wear To A Baby Shower? – Tips For Mothers

Here are some of the best and unique dress ideas for mother:

Show Off Bump!

Don’t hide your baby bump from the world. Because this is a day when you are celebrating with your dear ones to welcome your upcoming baby. So, don’t be shy and openly seek their blessing for you and your baby.

what to wear to a baby shower - tips for mothers

Choose a light and sober color that suits and something long and easy-going i.e. you can wear maternity maxi. It will not only make you look elegant but you will also feel comfortable in it.

 You can also choose colors like baby pink or purple if you are expecting a baby girl and dark shades if you are expecting a boy like navy blue, grey, etc. 

Avoid Anything Too Tight

As we all know that wearing something too tight in the last months of your pregnancy is neither good for you nor for your baby.

avoid wearing tight dress on baby shower

It can cause heartburn or pain as well, plus it doesn’t look good. We recommended you to wear some stretchable cotton fabric.

Jump Into A Jumpsuit

If you are not comfortable in wearing a dress in which your baby bump gets prominent, then you should try a jumpsuit.

women wearing jumpsuit on baby shower

This item looks classy. Try darker shades if your event is a more formal affair.

Bring A Jacket

Your hormones can wreak havoc on your body temperature, causing you to feel hot or cold from one minute to the next, which can be very uncomfortable.

wearing jacket on baby shower

A good idea is to bring a jacket that compliments your look like in the picture above, that you can easily put on or remove, instead of a jersey or polo-neck that we feel too heavy.

Do Not Forget To Accessories

Accessories can make you look very trendy and classy. So, accessorizing yourself is very essential. It gives you an elegant look.

accessories tips for mother on babyshower

Choose gemstones jewelry, such as bracelets because they make your outfit look more elegant. Grab a colorful handbag, wear a decent pair of earrings. You can also add some pretty flowers in your hair.

Focus On Your Feet

Heels might not always be practical for you unless they are easy, short, and give your foot a good support with straps on your ankle. However, if you don’t want to wear heels, you can also use flats or pumps.

footwear for mothers on baby shower

They look really very fashionable, and they are also relaxing. Just make sure you choose a pair of sandals or pumps, with a decorative touch, such as color, glitters beads etc to make it more eye-catching.

So, these were some of the tips that could help any trendy mommy-to-be to dress up on her baby shower.

What To Wear On A Baby Shower As A Guest?

Now, let’s have a look at how can you dress up if you are invited as a guest on a baby shower.

Well, well, well! this event is not so very common to attend. That is why many people don’t have much idea that how should they get ready for this event. So, simply dress up as your relationship with the upcoming baby. Confused? okay, let me explain you, if you are baby’s aunt, you can dress up like a doll if a baby is girls and if there is a boy you can dress up like any superhero.

Let us discuss some trendy ideas below.

Outdoor Baby Shower

In spring and summers, your host must arrange an event in a backyard or in a park. This will be a more casual setting.

what to wear on baby shower as a guest - outdoor event

Remember, whenever you are attending an outdoor event, avoid wearing stiletto heels, as they will sink into the grass. It is better to wear flat or wedge heels.

  • Baby showers are less formal than other events, so choose outfits with a pop of colors or fun prints.
  • If the event is in the evening, then choose a pair of decent looking jeans and a full sleeves blouse. It will help if it gets cold.

Indoor Baby Shower

If a party is at someone’s home, then this event will be more casual. But while attending parties at home you should keep some points in your mind:

indoor baby shower dress ideas

  • You may be asked to remove your shoes. Some people don’t take shoes inside there house, as same is the rule for guests, so just in case, do not forget to wear socks.
  • You might be sharing a couch or sofa with someone, so avoid using anything too tight or constrictive. It is hard to look good when you are uncomfortable

Morning Event

During a day, it is good to choose a cute feminine outfit, that is neither too revealing nor too formal.

morning event dress ideas

A cute sundress can also be worn, or can also try a lacy top with dress pants.

Evening Event

In the evening your dressing could be more formal. Consider a cocktail dress. Perhaps strapless or halter.

evening event dress ideas

You can also try a fancy blouse with a pencil skirt in a fun print, with a shimmer or little glitter in your accessories.

What To Wear On Baby Shower According To Seasons?

Now we will discuss some of the amazing dress ideas according to different seasons.

Winter/Fall Baby Shower

winter or fall event dress up ideas

  • Try high neck sweaters with pencil skirts, tights underneath and ankle boots for trendy classy look.
  • Add leggings beneath a knee-length dress, with a classy scarf and a leather jacket on top.

The classic turtleneck or cozy sweater or jeans is a go-to for winter looks.

For A Spring/Summer Baby Shower

A sundress can be worn on baby showers. You can also try a pair of dress pants with a white trendy top. Cardigan can also be complementary and can add more taste to your looks.

dress ideas for baby shower in summer

Maxi dresses are perfect for hot weather. Add a belt and heels to make it more classy.

Now, We are going to talk about the dressing of a person who is even more eager for a baby than a mother. Any guesses? Okay so you got it right, I am talking about adorable grandmothers. Let us have a look,

Dress Up Ideas For Grandma-To-Be On Baby Shower

Often the grandmother-to-be will be the host of the event. If you are going to be MC’ing, make sure you wear something appropriately stunning.

Dress Up Ideas For Grandma-To-Be On Baby Shower

  • Set the tone with a cute floral dress or something with nursery prints.
  • A long, cardigan over leggings or fitted pants.
  • A cocktail dress with belts can also give you am amazing look.
  • Accessories, like earrings, bracelets must also be used.
  • Print dresses like polka dots or floral are fun options.

At last, but obviously not the least we will talk about the dressing of the father.  How can we forget about this important relation? Let’s have look.

Dress Up Ideas For Dad-To-Be On Baby Shower

Commonly, only ladies attend baby showers, but as time changes men are also invited to these events. Men would like to wear business casual attire. After all, it is an important event.

Dress Up Ideas For Dad-To-Be On Baby Shower

  • In winters, you can try a dress shirt with a sweater and a pair of dress pants.
  • A sports jacket is also a nice touch.

 Shorts are not recommended for such events. Instead of shorts, you can try dress pants in a light fabric, such as cotton or linen. Use breathable fabric like something stretchable. 

Regardless, of what you wear, make sure you enjoy this lovely event with a mother-to-be! These tips will help you grasp the idea about what you should be wearing on a baby shower.

So peeps! did your queries solve after reading this article? Please let us know in the comment section below! If you want to read more such interesting articles please keep viewing our website “Divine Passionis”. We are eagerly waiting for your feedback.

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