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What Is A Table Shower?

A Table Shower

What is a table shower? For many people, this concept will be eye-popping. There are not many people who have heard of this. A table shower involves a massaging treatment by a therapist while laying on a table with shower-heads suspended on it. Unlike a massage, you can enjoy and relax under the stream of hot water and a massage.

If you are still wondering about the table shower and its procedure then in this article we will provide you a detailed guideline on what is a table shower. So to know more about the benefits, procedure, and fun facts then keep reading the article till the end.

What Is A Table Shower?

A table shower is also known as a Vichy shower. It is a string of shower-heads attached to an extended metal bar. Also, this bar is suspended over a massage table. This table is made up of waterproof material. Various spas and massage parlors offer a table shower as hydrotherapy during multiple body treatments.

What Is A Table Shower

Origin Of Table Shower

A French city Vichy is the origin of this shower with the same name. You can find hydrotherapy commonly offered here. Nowadays, numerous spas and massage parlors around the world, offer Vichy treatment.


As we all are aware of the purported healing benefits of water. In addition to this, it is ideal for treatments like mud wraps and body scrubs where the client usually requires dead cell skin removal or relaxation of muscles.

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The shower tables differ slightly from the regular massage tables. Towels are placed over the body strategically to maintain your privacy unlike sheets in a regular massage. They also provide disposable undergarments that you can wear during the table shower treatment.

Fun Fact

Some table showers consist of shower-heads align with the chakras of the body. Chakra is a perceived energy that focuses along the spine. Eventually, it stimulates the detoxification and cleansing the energy field and aura of the body.

There are many reasons for people to take a table shower massage.  Such as it provides relaxation, healing and stress relief. No matter what are the reasons, the main goal is to fell relax and better.  Moreover, during the treatment, you enjoy the streams of warm water while getting a massage from the therapist.

Sequence Of Shower And Massage

The occurrence of a shower before or after the massage depends on the type of treatment you choose. A table shower before a massage ensures that you are thoroughly clean so the experience of your therapist enhances.

While on the other hand, a shower after a massage helps to wash off massage oil from the body. Therapist usually practices it where they use a heavily scented oil for massage.


Most table showers begin by asking the client to lay down on his stomach. The therapist will adjust the temperature of the water before the client lays down. The therapist will use a loofah or a washcloth in this process of cleaning. This process only includes your body from neck to toes, not your hair and head. After that, they will ask you to turn over.

This is the point where your discomfort may present. Some spas do not provide disposable underwear and the whole treatment will be done with the naked body. So if you are not comfortable with exposing body parts then make sure to ask about it before making an appointment.

After the completion of treatment, the therapist will leave the room while his client dries off.

What is Asian Table Shower?

Many Asian spas offer the Asian table shower which is a simple way to clean your body before getting a massage. People often call it a Vichy shower because of its similarity. In this, water is splashed over the body. This will open pores and cleanse the skin before a good massage.

What is Asian Table Shower

Preparation Of A Table Shower

In most cases, you have to enter a showering room after removing your clothes. This room may have one or more flat tables. After a proper bath, you will have to lay on the table. They will guide you on whether to lay on your stomach or back first.

Water Temperature 

As Asian spas offer a variety of treatments, the water temperature varies in accordance. A therapist will sprinkle hot, warm, or cold water over your body depending on the treatment you choose. The main objective of this is to cleanse the body and open pores and this process will be repeated several times during the treatment.

Where To Find In Asia?

Most of the Korean, Thai, and Japanese spas offer a table shower treatment. However, you can also find such type of treatment at some European and Western spas.

Treatments Offered In Asian Spas

The Asian Vichy shower often includes akasuri or salt scrub. It is a Japanese spa treatment. Also, they offer Korean spa treatment known as a body scrub. In both treatments, a masseuse will use coarse mitts in order to remove dead skin.

A Vichy shower is a massage therapy on a table with showers suspended over them. You can surely try this as it will not only make you feel relaxed but also your skin will get rid of dead cell skin.

I hope you like my post about what is a table shower. If you have any queries or want to share your opinion then write them in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you. You can also read:

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