The Ultimate Guide On “How To Make Yourself Sneeze?”

The Ultimate Guide On How To Make Yourself Sneeze

How to make yourself sneeze? You may have asked this question when you are unable to sneeze. Sometimes, it happens that you are walking along and feel an urge to sneeze. You take out a tissue from the box and bring your hands up to cover your nose. And the moment just freezes because you are unable to do so.

This inability to sniffle is one of the most irritating things. We all have experienced this frustration to clear our nasal passages or relieve congestion. Luckily, there are some ways through which you can make yourself sniffle.

Sneezing is a way of the body to get irritants out of the nasal paths.  Viruses, allergens, or other irritants in the nose can cause sneezing.  Typically a sneeze is powerful and occurs unintentionally and spontaneously. You just experience a prickling sensation and your body involuntarily react to get the irritant out.

If you are wondering  “If there is any way I could make myself sneeze?”  then this article will provide you some useful tricks on how to make yourself sneeze. So if you are interested to know more about why we sneeze and why we are unable to sneeze then read the article till the end.

Everything You Need To Know About Sneezing

Below are given all the details about sneezing:

Everything about sneezing

What Is A Sneeze?

An instinctive physical reaction in which there is a release of air from the nostrils is called sneezing.

A veritable harmony of all the organs and bodily systems together brings a spasmodic expulsion of air from the mouth and nose. There is a special part of our brain that is central to the sneezing. Your brain involves your diaphragm, chest, abdominal muscles, throat and eye in order to sneeze.

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What Happens When We Sneeze?

When something gets into our nasal passage, it stimulates the nerve in our nose to tell our brain that something is irritant. Our Sneeze Central in our brain communicates with this nerve. This sneeze central is located in the lower brain stem. In return, this central says that sneeze is necessary.

After that,  there is a rapid ignite of signals close to your eyes, throat, and mouth.  After that, your diaphragm contracts and simultaneously your throat muscles relax. It causes air to blow out and irritating particles expel forcibly from the nose into the atmosphere.

Why Do We Sneeze?

One of the reasons for sneezing is the message the nervous system sends to our brains. In return,  the brain tells our bodies that something has entered our nasal passage that needs to be removed. 

Another reason for the sneezing is that our nose needs a reboot occasionally. Our nose gets overwhelmed by dust, little particles or other irritants. A sneeze will clear your nose and it can work properly again.

Is Sneezing Good?

Yes, sneezing is good. You may not agree with this if you have been sneezing all day long in cold weather. Your nasal passage gets rid of debris and dirt particles while sneezing. Also, it is an important part of the human immune system as it helps to keep us healthy. Moreover, a sneeze can also clear viruses and bacteria before they could make you sick.

Why Does It Feel Good To Sneeze?

Did you notice a sweet release after a typically strong sneeze? You may have wondered why it feels so good to sneeze. One of the reasons for this feeling is an instant release of repressed pressure. There are also researches that suggest that there may be a release of endorphins when we sneeze. Endorphins are the hormones secreted within the brain that stimulates the pleasure center of your body.

How To Make Yourself Sneeze?

The following tips to induce sneezing work by activating the nerves that trigger the body to sneeze.

How to make yourself sneeze

Use A Tissue

Take out a tissue and roll the corner into a tip. Place it in your one nostril. Gently move the pointy end of tissue back and forth until you start feeling the tickling sensation. This will stimulate the trigeminal nerve and will help to sneeze.

It is necessary to take care while using this technique. Make sure not to insert the tissue too far up the nostril as it can end up in pain.

Tickle With A Feather

Some people are so vulnerable to sneeze that by simply brushing something soft such as feathers under their nose they end up with this. Try to grab a soft fabric and tickle underneath your nose.

It is recommended not to use a real feather. Besides, do not insert the feather into the nose.

Sniff A Strong Perfume

Some people are susceptible to sneeze when they sniff strong perfumes and colognes. For this trick, you have to spray a strong fragrance so that your nasal nerves get irritated.

Never inhale the perfume particles directly. Also, never spray perfume directly into your nostrils.

How To Make Yourself Sneeze By Tweezing Nostril Hair?

If you pluck a single hair from your nostrils, you can easily fulfill this purpose. Make sure to be gentle because the skin in the nostrils is very sensitive.

Tilt Back Your Head

This trick is beneficial for those who feel a sneeze coming. You just have to lean your head back and look upward.

How To Make Yourself Sneeze By Smelling Some Spices

Some spices are known as nasal irritants. Cumin, Black pepper, coriander, and red pepper, etc are some of them. A compound known as piperine is present in white and black pepper.

This compound irritates the mucous membranes. Similarly, a natural component of peppers known as capsaicin also causes a sneeze to occur. Try to open a jar of spices and taking a gentle sniff. Moreover, you can grind up some whole peppercorns make yourself sneeze.

Care must be taken while sniffing spices as inhaling a large quantity can lead to a burning sensation in the nostrils.

Pluck An Eyebrow Hair

Your facial nerves get irritated by tweezing the brows. As a result, your trigeminal nerve is stimulated. A person may get a sneeze after plucking a single hair while others may need to tweeze more than one.

Tip Of The Tongue

Gently rub the tip of your tongue up and down the roof of your mouth. The trigeminal nerves also run along the roof of your mouth. You can experiment regarding the place to massage in order to trigger a sneeze. Also, the level of pressure and the duration of massage for this purpose.

Massaging Nose

You can also stimulate your trigeminal nerve by gently massaging your nose in the downward direction. Some people can make themselves sneeze by lightly pinching their nose. You can experiment with this technique until you get a tickling sensation and a sniffle happens.

Carbonated Drink

TRPA1 receptor is located on your tongue. You can activate it by the carbon dioxide present in drinks. Using a carbonated drink, you can stimulate several receptors at once. As a result, the saliva production increases and your body triggers a sniff or cough.

Moreover,  inhaling the bubbles of carbonated drinks can also release the sneeze.  This is because the nose is more sensitive to carbon dioxide than a tongue.

These are some of the tricks you can use to make yourself sneeze. Some tips require experimenting to find the point where you feel a tickling sensation in your nose. Sneezing clears the nasal paths by blowing out the irritating particle and dust. 

I hope you like my post about how to make yourself sneeze. If you want to share some other useful tricks to trigger sneeze then write it down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you. You can also read:

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