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How To Loosen Curls? – 7 Natural Ways To Relax And Soften Curls

how to loosen curls - 7 natural ways to relax and soften curls

How To Loosen Curls? Loosing extra tight curls is always a big challenge for everyone, especially for girls. Yes, it is difficult but obviously not impossible. Do you want to get rid of these such tight curls and trolling like “Hey, Maggie Lady” or “how are you doing Nest head”? If yes, then you are surely in the right place.

There are various products available in the market which can cause an allergic issue or hair damage. In this article, you will get plenty of ideas to relax and soften your natural curls without any harm. So, if you want to relax curls naturally do take a look at this article below.

How To Loosen Curls With Panthenol?

Panthenol is the best known natural way to loosen curls. It is quite beneficial for both hair and skin. However, the best thing about it is that the result is easily reversible. In other words, you can get your tight curls back whenever you want. This common ingredient acts like natural silicon, coating your hair strands. In a result, you get a smoother texture or even waves.

how to loosen curls with penthanol - tips for curly hairs

The downside of using panthenol is that it leaves your hair dry. Therefore, it is best to do a deep conditioning treatment first. It is worth telling here that there is nothing to worry about. Because the majority of ladies have agreed that the dryness goes away. Besides, you can also get your natural curls back once you wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo.

How To Use?

Panthenol is water-soluble, which means you can add it in your shampoo, conditioner or even in water to make a “curl relaxer”. The more you use it, the more straightness your hair gets.

Loose Curls Using Coconut Mask

Fresh coconut milk and lemon juice can do wonders for your hair. Moreover, their repeated use can straighten your hair. Whoa! two birds with one stone, and not a single chemical to worry about. If this doesn’t sound natural then I really don’t know what will.

coconut oil for hair - remedies for curly hair

All you need to do is harvest fresh milk from one coconut and then mix it with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Leave the mixture to chill until it gets creamy and semi-solid.

How To Use Coconut Mask?

Apply this mask directly on to your hair and let it sit for an hour. Repeat this process two to three times a week until you get the required results.

Easy Twist Bun

Still wondering how to relax your curls through hairstyle? Well, there is an interesting and surprisingly amazing and easy way to do it. Twist bun on wet hairs can relax your tight curls.

curly hairs with twist bun - how to make twist bun

How To Make A Twist Bun?

Simply, twist your wet hair, until the twist folds onto itself. Persist the bun with bobby pins. If your hair are too long for this then you can divide your hair into sections and make small buns. Afterward, all you need to is, release your hair and finger comb your waves.

Milk And Honey Mask For Hair

Doesn’t it sound tasty? Of course, it does. So, let’s have a look at this delicious remedy. Applying a mixture of milk and honey leaves your hair silky smooth just like a kit will loose the wave pattern.

milk and honey mask for hair

You will start seeing the results from the very first application. Applying it twice or thrice a week will give you the desired results.

How Loosen Curls With This Mask? 

Mix two to five teaspoon of powdered milk with enough water to make a thick mixture. Now add five drops of lemon juice in it. Start mixing using a spoon until all the ingredients blend properly. Apply it on your hair and leave it for 20 mins. After that, wash it off with shampoo and dry it to see the magic.

How To Loosen Curls With Olive Oil Conditioner?

If you compare olive oil and any of your standard conditioner, then I am glad to inform you that olive oil is no less than it. Furthermore, mixing both together can do miracles.

how to loosen curls with olive oil conditioner

How To Use?

All you have to do is, take a little amount of your favorite conditioner and add two to three teaspoons of olive oil in it. Mix it well until it gives you a foamy texture. Then apply it on your hair. Leave it about an hour and then wash it off. You will see the pleasant results immediately.

How To Loosen Curls Using Blow Dry?

What could be more natural than air? Often, air drying your hair and gently combing them with your fingers, fades the curls from your hair. If it doesn’t work, blow dry your hair with the help of blow dryer.

how to loosen curls using blow dry - how to blow dry hair

It is natural and not harmful to your hair, but keep it in mind that the air should not be very hot. It must be warm but NOT hot.

How To Blow Dry?

Place a comb at the roots of your hair and move it tightly along with the hairdryer. Bring it to the end of your hair strands. Repeat if requires.

How To Loosen Curls With Braid?

This technique won’t require anything. This is the easiest and cheapest way to hide those tight curls. Besides, you are nor required to apply any mask or using any electronic device.

how to loose curls using braid - hair braid

How To Loosen Curls With Braid?

Wash your hair and tie your wet hair in a tight braid. After drying your hair, untie the braid. The hair will remain in this position. Your naturally curled hair will be relaxed.

So, guys, these were some of the easy easy tips to loosen your tight curls. Remember, you are beautiful the way you are. These tips enhance the beauty that already exists.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it must have solved many of your problems regarding how to loosen curls. If you are interested in reading more such informative articles, keep exploring our website “Divine Passionis” We are eagerly waiting to get your feedback. Kindly, give your remarks in the comment section below.

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