How To Level Ground For Pool?


Are you trying to figure out how to level the ground to make a swimming pool this summer? You must be planning to take your kids to some swimming clubs etc, but, why don’t you try it at our own home. We know, it is not that easy, but, why are we here for?

We are determined to make it more easy and feasible for you because we understand how much you have to go through to level the ground (excavating, digging, and whatnot).  But how would you feel if you come to know that you can make your job done even without digging? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? So just have a calm look at this article.


Firstly, the question arises, WHY? why do we need to level our ground? So let’s discuss it before moving further.

Why Do We Need To Level Ground For Pool?

You might have no idea how important it is to level the ground in order to make your pool more safe and reliable for you and your family. Installing a pool on uneven ground can create safety hazards. You will end up having shallow and deep ends.

Why Do We Need To Level Ground For Pool

A round pool in the backyard.

It can be very risky for one, especially, for kids who can not touch the ground with there feet. Uneven ground can also be a problem for your skimmer and cleaning equipment. They might get stuck into any shallow end. Well, just have a look on the points to ponder upon this topic.

You’ll Have A Compromised & Weak Structure

Another risk that an uneven pool might face, is an extraordinary pressure it places on particular sections of pool liner and walls. This is because the weight is not equally distributed, it may result in twisting and even breakage of walls. Also, in the worst scenario, the damaged section of the wall will give out and your pool may be destroyed. Furthermore, there will be a flood in your yard and can cause injury too.

An improperly installed pool can be incredibly dangerous for anyone using it. For this in mind, we are giving you ideas that how you can easily level the ground correctly (without digging for sure).

What Do We Need To Level The Ground?

Leveling a ground to make a pool is not very tricky, but still, we can only do it correctly if we know the techniques and proper tools.

What Do We Need To Level The Ground

Equipment used for leveling the ground of pool.

Here is a list of things that you will need:

  • Sod cutter or rototiller: Clearing the grass is the most backbreaking task, but, if you have the right machinery to get this job done, then you must avail this opportunity.
  • Extended length of board and level: As you lay the board on the pool site, it will become immediately apparent which particular areas need to be flattened out.
  • Wide shovel: Removing any rocks from the site is critical, to ensure that no damage has been done to the pool liner, and a wide shovel will help you dig the big bumps.
  • Wide rake and a lawn roller: To smooth the site of the pool you will be requiring a rake as wise as possible, then a lawn roller to compress the sand down flat.

Let’s come back to our actual topic of discussion,

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How To Level The Ground For Pool?

Here, are the following points discussed,

How To Level The Ground For Pool

A wooden board is used for leveling the ground.

Check The Ground

Firstly, we will check the ground to check if it is out of level within 2 inches from the shallow side to the deep side.

How To Do This?

All you have to do is, screw two 2-by-4 boards together, make sure that they are 1 or 2 feet longer than the overall diameter of your swimming pool. You can outsource this wok if it seems confusing.

Placing The Attached Boards To Level The Ground

Now, place the attached boards on the ground and put the level on them. Once, you have done doing it, gently, lift, and lower one end of the 2-by-4 board to the ground. This will give you a better idea of just how uneven the ground is.

Pouring Sand

Now, you have to drill a 3/8 inches hole right in the middle of the 2-by-4s. Now, drive a metal rod through the tunnel to secure the 2-by-4 boards to the ground. Done doing with it? Now, get sand and pour it over the area with a primary focus on the low area of the pool. Make sure to pour as much sand as needed, and don’t forget to keep rotating the board until it indicates that the sand is leveled properly.

Wet The Area

Once you are done with the leveling, it is time to wet the area. Get your tamper, and use it the same way to tamp down the sand. Keep doing it until you find the sand is hard and compact. It is crucial to ensure that the entire area is done correctly. At this point, you will do well to walk over the area properly, in other case, you might end up needing a repair.

Lay Your Base Protector Down

Finally, you need to layout your base layer. If you want, you can purchase a specialized pool pad.

Pool Pad

Pool pad is a large foam that goes under your above -ground pool as another layer of protection. This base layer reduces the risk of injury.

Time To Start Swimming

Finally, when you are done with doing all this, it is time to start swimming. You are all done with everything needed, just follow these steps carefully, and your kids will start enjoying the water without any risk of injury.

Just not to forget, DO NOT allow your kids to enjoy in the pool lonely, because it can be really fatal. Always supervise them when they are having fun there.

How To Make Your Pool More Reliable?

Well, here we are going to give you some tips which can make your pool reliable and fun both at the same time. Throw some water tubes and life jackets in the pool, it will surely give your kids some activity as well as safety.

How To Make Your Pool More Reliable

Kids playing in the pool.

However, most of all do not, I repeat,  DO NOT let your kids have fun alone in the pool. Always supervise them for security purposes.

So these were some of the tips you may find helpful in leveling the ground of your pool. Hope you found this article informative and interesting, and hope to see you enjoying in your pool with your little ones soon. If you want to share your valuable tips then write them down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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