How To Fake A Fever? – 5 Effective Ways

how to fake a fever - 5 effective ways

Have you ever asked “How to fake a fever?” when you want to skip any event or gathering. Not only the school goings but also adults often ask this. Fever is a common excuse to skip an event. But, lesser do you know how to fake it. Keeping the symptoms of fever in mind can help a lot when you want to fake it.

Making the face warm, sweaty and flushed can help considerably to skip a gathering or the school. Likewise, you can warm up a thermometer to show as proof of your illness. However, it is better to tell directly that you do not want to be part of the gathering and in the case of students, it is better not to skip school.

Do you know a fever once a month in young children is normal? So, if you are a school going kid, here is good news! You can fake it at least once a month. But, if you fake it more than this, there is a possibility that your parents will call a doctor. Because having a fever twice a month is a matter of concern.

This article will teach you some ways of faking a fever. What can you do to convince someone you are having a fever when you are not? If you want to learn how to imitate fever, read the article till the end.

How To Fake A Fever With A Thermometer?

One of the most convenient ways of faking a fever is to raise the temperature of the thermometer. Showing raised thermometer reading as proof to your parents will enable you to skip school.

But there are different ways in which you can raise the temperature of a thermometer. Like, by hot water, shaking mercury, rubbing tip with your fingers, eating or drinking something warm you can elevate the temperature to some extent.

how to fake a fever with thermometer

Place Thermometer Under Hot Water

One of the ways to increase the thermometer reading is by hot water. Directly place the tip of the thermometer under lukewarm water. It will elevate the reading but make sure the reading does not exceed 102 degrees because you may make fool of yourself by doing so. When the reading reaches 100.5 degrees take it out from the water and show it to someone near you.

Shake A Mercury Thermometer

By shaking mercury thermometer while holding it through tip can increase its reading. Similarly, shaking it while holding upside down can decrease the reading on a thermometer. Hold it by the metal tip and move it gently. Point the remainder of the thermometer towards the floor and vibrate it forward and backward so the temperature reading increases.

 Note: Be cautious; do not shatter the glass while shaking. If you shake it aggressively, it will indicate an impossibly elevated temperature. 

Rub Tip Of Digital Thermometer Between Fingers

A digital thermometer is actually a plastic frame with a metal tip containing a display on the other end. It has an electronic heat sensor to record body temperature. Hold the digital thermometer in your one hand and remain still.

Hold the tip of the thermometer between your thumb and index finger of the other hand. Rub your thumb and index finger together rapidly. Eventually, it will increase the reading of a digital thermometer.

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Eat Or Drink Something Warm

This is a great way if you know someone will be watching you while you take your temperature. Eating or drinking something warm just before recording temperature is a clever idea. Keep the warm food in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it.

drinking warm water

You can even collect some of the warm liquid under your tongue to stick the thermometer in during the reading. This will increase the temperature of your mouth then you have to immediately record your body temperature by placing the thermometer in your mouth.

How To Fake A Fever By Heating Your Head?

Someone can check whether you are having a fever or not by touching your forehead. Make your forehead warm if you do not want to get caught red-handed. Take a hot water bottle and fill it with warm water.

heating head - kid faking to be sick

Place it on your forehead and press for a few minutes. You can, in addition, use a heating pad. You must place something between your face and heating pad like a towel else you can get burnt. Hot water bottle trick is exemplary when faking a fever and has been used for a long time.

How To Fake A Fever By Eating Spicy Food?

Eating spicy food can increase your body temperature. Have you ever noticed when you consume something spicy you begin to sweat? It is because eating spicy food increases your body temperature. It is another way in which you can fake a fever.

faking fever by eating spices

Spicy foods like chilies, jalapenos, or peppers can increase your body temperature. If you have any spicy food near you, eat a bit to raise your body temperature naturally. Try eating a bowl of curry for lunch before faking symptoms.

 Note: Do not eat spicy food in excess as it can cause sickness. Instantly have a glass of milk in such cases to mitigate some of the heat from your body. 

How To Fake A Fever At School?

If you are a student and want to get out of the school one way is to fake a fever. You can fake a fever in school by faking its symptoms. People suffering from fever often feel cold, tell someone that you are feeling cold.

how to fake a fever at school

Add some shiver to convince others. You do not need to shake your whole body; only a trembling jaw will work. Act like you are tired. For example, lean against your arm while sitting; lower your gaze to make them feel your eyes are too heavy to open completely. Add a few sniffles, cough and sneeze to your act to make it look more real.

How To Fake A Fever With Toothpaste?

Toothpaste possesses a number of purposes starting from removing plaque from teeth to utilize it for eliminating dead cells from your lips. However, it is unwise to use it to fake a fever as eating toothpaste can cause actual illness. All kinds of toothpaste are for external use only; they are not edible.

eating toothpaste - faking to be sick

Eating toothpaste can actually cause stomach disorder and vomiting which will ultimately cause fever. Therefore, it no longer remains faking a fever, but an actual fever. It is better to fake a fever by imitating symptoms and telling someone that you are having a heavy head and vomit like feeling. Do not eat your food properly and go to bed early. This is more advisable than using toothpaste.

By using these techniques you can easily fake a fever without harming your health. Be careful; do not get caught, while pretending. You need to act well f you are not good at that it is better not to pretend.

I hope this article will help you to fake a fever in the future. If you have some other ideas in your mind to fake a fever share them in the comment section below. In case of any queries or suggestions do not hesitate to ask. Your suggestions are precious for us here at DivinePassionis because “Learning never ends.” For more articles of your interest, please visit the Health category.



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