Do Spiders Eat Bed Bugs???

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Do Spiders Eat Bed Bugs? Bed bugs… Huh!!! sounds a little scary as well as creepy and disgusting too.

These are some of the disturbing things that come in our mind, whenever we think of bed bugs. If your home is infested with bed bugs, you may go around trying every single natural method in the book that may effectively help you get rid of pests. This may be primarily due to the fact that stores bought chemical-based pest controls that may have side effects too. 

Also, if the infestation is not severe, you may want to use a less stringent measure. There are many predators that eat bed bugs. When having an infestation, it’s important to do pest control. Here comes a question, do spiders eat bed bugs?

If you want an answer to this question then you are definitely in the very right place. This article is going to provide you brief information about the relationship between spider and bed bugs we are also going to discuss some other bed bugs, predators.

Do Spiders Eat Bed Bugs?

Spiders belong to class Arachnida and order Araneae. These insects, are known as bed bugs predators. However, do not forget that all spiders do not feed on bed bugs.

do spiders eat bed bugs

There are two specific spiders who eat bed bugs,  Philodromid crab spider and the cobweb spider. Plus point about these spiders is that they eat other insects too.

Disadvantages Of Spider Method

Even though these species eat bed bugs, this method of killing bed bugs is not as efficient as other methods. The spider against the bed bug may also be useless in preventing the reproduction and the rapid increased of bed bug population in your home. It is only effective for early detection.

Disadvantages Of Spider Method

In addition, it is not advised to use this method since you will need a large number of spiders to move freely. Simply, you will have to deal with spider infestation after successfully getting rid of bed bugs.

Another disadvantage of this method is spider will come to know the way to your bed and they are going to sleep with you. This is because spiders are attracted to bed bugs and bed bugs are attracted to your bed. You do not want spiders along with bed bugs to crawl all over your body.

Other Bed Bug Predators

There are plenty of other insects as well that can eat bed bugs just like spiders. However, do not get too excited by this prospect. This is mainly because most of the bed bugs predators fall under the category of house pests. So is you are thinking of getting rid of bed bugs using these predators then it will only add to your problems.

Pharaoh Ants

There are a variety of different ants out there and generally speaking, ants will also eat pretty much anything. The Pharaoh Ants have been documented as being particularly fond of bed bugs, more than any other ant species.

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are a light brown-yellow color and are a well-known household pest.

It is worth telling here that Pharaoh ants reproduce and increase at great speed just like bed bugs. Proceed with caution if you find pharaoh ants in your home.

It is not worth sustaining one colony of pests to try and control another. Keep in mind that these ants may be worse than bed bugs. Especially if they get into your food, as they are known for spreading bacteria, like salmonella.


There are a number of different cockroach species that are known to feast on bed bugs. These include Oriental cockroaches, American cockroaches, and German cockroaches. This is mainly because, like many other pests, they will eat whatever they can find.


Having cockroaches in your house, along with bed bugs, could escalate into a real disaster. Just like bed bugs and ants, these creatures can reproduce quickly. If you spot a roach, act fast and do not depend on it to keep your bed bugs at bay. Cockroaches are known for being survivalists and can be just as difficult to get rid of as bed bugs.


Lizards are relatively harmless and, again, will eat whatever they can get. We cannot deny their cuteness, however, think again before adopting a hoard of domestic lizards as pets. They will not be able to drown out a bed bug infestation by any means.


On the upside, lizards cannot spread harmful bacteria as ants and cockroaches do. You would not need to worry as much as finding a lizard around your house. They are much less likely to develop into a real problem, compared to ants and roaches.

While spiders eat bed bugs but they are not the only source of food. Just like other bed bug predators, none will be able to rid your house of an infestation. They may hardly even make a dent.

Remember, bed bugs are expert hiders and cram themselves into the smallest crevices and cracks they can find. Therefore, they are not likely to be in the direct path of other predators for a great deal of time either. If you have a bed bug problem, your best option is calling in professional pest control experts.

Well, I hope you like this article about “Do spiders eat bed bugs?”. If you have any queries or want to share your opinion then write them down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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