Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?

Dogs Eat Kiwi

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? Kiwi is a furry brown fruit that belongs to the genus Actinidia. It is a group of woody plants whose origin is eastern and north-central Asia. Multiple types of edible berries are produced by these plants. Among many species of the genus, Kiwi is the most famous. It is a part of traditional Chinese Medicine. Doctors suggest this to children as a dietary supplement. It also helps women to recover from childbirth.

But as we know there are a few things that we cannot share with our pets. In this article, we will provide you a detailed guideline on can dogs eat kiwi. So if you are curious to know then read the article till the end.

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?

Dogs can eat several varieties of fruits and vegetables including carrots, apples, and watermelons, etc. But strangely, kiwi is left off often of the list of fine garden food for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi

The fact is, kiwi is perfectly safe for dogs to eat as long as you follow a couple of simple rules.

You must use kiwi as a treat for dogs and not a part of their regular diet. Also, you should only feed a small portion of kiwi flesh to your dog and in the beginning try to give with a long gap.

Sometimes, kiwi can cause a stomach upset. Moreover, it contains high fiber content which may have a laxative effect on the dogs. So dogs must not eat the seeds of the skin of kiwi. This is because the skin can lead to choking hazards and seeds are toxic as well.

How Can I Feed My Dog Kiwi?

Fresh and dried kiwis are available in the market. Your dog can eat it cooked or in raw form. You must take care that if you are giving dried kiwi to your dog, you must purchase a brand with a lower level of added sugar.

How Can I Feed My Dog Kiwi

Besides, if you are choosing fresh fruit to feed your dog then make sure to completely peel the skin and put aside the softer flesh inside the fruit. Moreover, make sure to remove all the seeds and dice the green pulp into bite size pieces. No matter what size your dog has, you should never give entire kiwi fruit to your dog. Because your dog can choke on it. While introducing a new fruit to your dog, always consider cautions.

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Benefits Of Feeding Kiwi To Dogs

A small portion of of Kiwi is recommended by doctors to humans regularly as it can provide vitamin C to the body. But you should know that the dog’s body naturally produces the vitamin. It has no cholesterol, low in sodium, and has a little amount of potassium. These are amazing reasons why a human should eat kiwis.

Benefits Of Feeding Kiwi To Dogs

However, it is not sure if the body of dogs process kiwi in the same way as humans do. The actual benefits of kiwi to dogs are not known yet. But it is believed that the anti-inflammatory properties of kiwi may ease pain and help recover the discomfort of hip dysplasia spinal issues and arthritis.

So dogs can eat kiwi and it is completely safe to feed them this garden treat. However, make sure to check for any allergic symptoms while introducing this fruit to your pet.

I hope you like my post about can dogs eat kiwi. If you have any queries and want to share your suggestion then write them down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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